Spain is broke but little general wants to retake the path of the empire

Something is happening in the Canary Islands that has the Spanish army in unrest. Couple of months ago the navy made a landing in the middle of Las Canteras´s beach at the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Two hundred soldiers land as if they were taking Omaha beach. They even brought a helicopter with.

It was Saturday 12pm when they land in the crowded beach for the surprise of neighbours and German, British and Swedish tourists who were stunned. Spanish discretion & style as usual. Thank God they did not run aground the landing craft on the reef. 

I am not sure if their kinky unspeakable exhibitionistic fantasies were aimed to impress and flirt with the Swedish mature ladies at the beach or they tried to scare the local natives with their guns as to take out of their minds any “funny” ideas of independence

To be honest, if they wanted to make a show as beach stuff posers, why they did not choose Marbella or Mallorca? Instead of the cold indifference of the canarian people they would have got a warmfull welcoming. A full flag reception lead by Mr Torrente brandishing the crown rag while pornstar Lucia Lapiedra, celebrity Belen Esteban and flamenco singer Pantoja may act as groupies for the boyz. You may even find someone to beat the drum.

Among the numerous commentaries on the Internet about the landing I am going to pick up captain Silvestre´s:

I find it really fine. It´s going to be an amusing show and prudent to do. Because everybody remember Saint Barbara just when thunders. On top of that we are in the ass of the world, far away from national territory. I sleep better knowing you are there. Congrats and my recognition to the Navy.

Yeeeessss, that´s it !!!!!!!,.... You got it !!! You have understood it perfectly captain Silvestre. I must admit that I very much agree with you. The Canarys Islands is not “national territory” …. so get out of here. Go home. Go to a department store, buy yourself a float, go to the end of the dock, jump into the ocean and straight back to national territory.

But the ridiculous beach landing is not the sole act of this colonial occupation forces vulgar marketing campaign. During the last months there have been a number of public acts to raise visibility. I pretty much appreciate it. The more visibility you get the more rejection you will produce, .... and statistically higher the chances that you will mess up. .... and knowing you as we know you, ... that´s not difficult.

The latest buffoonery happens last weekend. They put up their show again in the middle of the street. Same city, Santa Ana square, in front of the town hall and the cathedral. A ceremony of pledge of allegiance to the Spanish flag.

General García-Vaquero´s speech of claiming recovery of the empire where the sun never set is priceless. They're about to throw them out of the Euro because insolvency, the risk premium shot at historic highs and the Spanish State's international credibility is in tatters, but they still dream of imperial glory. It's laughable. Ludicrous. As usual they cannot be taken seriously.

The little Spanish general disrespected all the people who shed their blood to get rid of the hated Spanish colonialism. In any decent and serious country this apology of colonialism and imperialism would have drawn attention. This outburst should be disseminated in the national and international press, especially in South America, Morocco and the Philippines.

Why this Spanish general came to throw his outbursts in the Canary Islands? Spanish arrogance and imperialist nostalgia that come to light in the last remaining colony. A colony that only hold an hour difference in time zone, when 113 years ago they had more than twelve.

The event was a real eyesore. A former Communist Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of a former pro-independence party - now in the ranks of the PSOE in the Spanish Senate - swore the Spanish monarchical flag. General Garcia-Vaquero harangued the Glory Days asking to retake the path of the empire were the sun never sets.

Some 125 jurors responded the call of the Spanish Army which called for canaries to swear the colonial flag of the monarchy. Some would be settlers and other canaries. Some alienated natives and some names that sound reminiscent of the Spanish conquest. All Blackfoot. All Pied Noirs.

I missed only the usual ARRIBA ESPAÑA! of former authoritarian times. Historically, military leaders have used colonialist verbiage in the Canary Islands with a constant reference to the Spanishness of the islands. Some of them with a pathetic speech in the Army´s africanist tradition, others with insufferable arrogant speeches and all but a common thread. Where there´s smoke there´s fire.

Fortunately, "Spain is one thing that shrinks over time, a failed project of national unity". Hopefully, we the canarian people, are the next to get rid of the yoke but for now the Basques are ahead.

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